Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#9

I would love to visit the Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize’s tropical rainforest.  Based upon the images and descriptions on the website, the resort seems to be the perfect combination of respite and excitement-with opportunities to rest and relax, while learning about the surrounding ecosystem and culture.  

I live with my wonderful partner/boyfriend in Vermont.  We are both environmental professionals who care deeply about the natural world.  He has dedicated his law career-two decades so far-to protecting the environment and he works endlessly on projects that will help present and future generations to breathe fresh air and drink clean water.  He has recently supported me through graduate school, where I studied ecological landscape design.  During this period, we have had little time or money to take a vacation together.  I would love to surprise him with his first trip to the rainforest!  I imagine being together for bird-watching, meandering through lush green trails, eating delightful meals, lounging at the pool, and decompressing from our typical daily stresses.  We love to explore the natural and cultural destinations of the northeastern U.S., but it would be fabulous to visit Belize and have an altogether different vacation experience-and a break from our cold, long Vermont winter! 

Finally, I am extremely attracted to the Lodge at Chaa Creek because of its dedication to eco-conscious living.  In our daily lives at home we aim to be as sustainable as possible-growing our own food, conserving resources, and celebrating the earth’s bounties each day.  I would be thrilled to visit an eco-resort that operates upon similar tenets.  I have read many articles about concept of “eco-tourism” and am curious to experience the way the Lodge at Chaa Creek interprets this concept.  Perhaps I could write my own article after our visit?


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1 thought on “Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#9

  1. I think it is too personal. This person could have researched more about the resort, examples; how it helps the economy by employing locals and also purchasing locally grown foods that are not grown by the resort.

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