A Vacation to Belize:Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#10

It’s been almost two years since we visited at Chaa Creek, my husband and I had such a wonderful experience we’ve asked ourselves often- “How can we go back?”  Perhaps this contest is the answer to our dream of returning.  There are so many things we’d like to do again – early morning birding with the dew still on the flowers, canoeing lazily up the river on a sunny afternoon, the guided night hike and all of the wonderful sounds and sights after dark in the forest. .We stayed at the River Camp and loved it.  There were kerosene lamps, hot showers and flush toilets located in a bath house close to our comfortable screened-in cabins.  The gracious local couple who prepared and served our meals brought us delicious Belizean food to our tables.  We were seated for breakfast and dinner under a palapa with the sweet little red birds, ant tanagers, hopping around in the trees close to us.  We saw a small fox one early morning as he softly hurried just beyond our cabin.  But….. much as a grand adventure that was, what a thrill it would be to find ourselves decked in luxury at the main resort.  I can almost see us sitting around the pool with a cool drink in hand as the sun goes down and leaves a soft glow of pink in the sky. We’ll choose wonderfully creative meals in the unique restaurant and have a drink in the cozy, friendly bar. We’ll visit the historic ruins of Caracol and other Mayan sites.  – how could we have returned home without seeing those special places? Palm trees, hardwoods, flowers and bushes – the grounds are beautiful and inviting.  The lodging is spectacular!  We could be indulged!  Thanks for this chance to make our dream come true.

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