Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#23

I love active holidays and connecting with nature. Living on the west coast, I have climbed Half Dome in California Yosemite Park, hiked through old growth forests on the British Columbia coast and kayaked with dolphins in Baja. But most of my adventures are fairly close to home, given the cost and environmental impacts of flying. Ive never been to a tropical rainforest. When I first discovered the amazing variety of adventures to experience in Belize I knew I had to explore this country. From tubing through underground rivers and mystical caves to sailing along ziplines with exotic birds in the jungle canopy and more. 


Chaa Creek’s focus on the environment and local wildlife is particularly appealing to me. I have seen pictures of the spectacular blue Morpho butterfly, but never had one flutter by. I’m also very interested in indigenous cultures and what we can learn from them, so would look forward to the guided tour on the Rainforest Medicine Trail.


We’ve had some wonderful travels, but don’t usually get the chance to stay in a resort as luxurious as Chaa Creek. I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to explore a cave like ATM or have a real Indiana Jones experience among the Mayan ruins, then come home at the end of the adventure to refresh in the pool, enjoy a delicious meal of local specialties and be serenaded to sleep by birdsong in a beautiful cabana.


Someday I’ll make my Belize adventure dreams a reality. Winning this contest would make it happen sooner and in a more spectacular way than I’d imagine possible. See you soon in the jungles of Cayo, I hope!



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