Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#44

A celebration of renewal… my girls and I had planned a Belizean vacation but it was delayed by an accident in Persian Sea leaving my youngest daughter burnt over 82% of her body.  Two years after the accident we found ourselves in paradise!

Along the Macal River, camping out in cozy beds with a canvas roof. Oil lanterns casting a glow with enough light to play dominos as the sounds of the rain forest intensified. Much of the first night was spent in speculation, what was that screeching, howling, roaring?   It was the Howler monkeys that had kept us company through the night! And with the dawn, the calls of exotic birds to gently wake us. Never have we been so close to nature and in such a lush and pristine setting. 

Nature exploration continued onto the Blue Morph Butterfly Farm, bird watching at sunrise and canoeing into town. The gardens are spectacular, including the medicine trail. We explored on foot, on mountain bikes and on horseback. One of our fellow guests reported seeing a Jaguar on the path down to the Macal. How magical! 

Both the girls were enchanted with Tikal and the ancient Mayan culture. Zip lining through the forest was on Rena’s list to help her overcome her fear of heights. Mom surprised them both by also whizzing through the tree tops!      

Tubing through crystal caves was an inspirational experience, all limestone glitter it was like a cathedral made by Mother Nature. We hooked our tubes together and floated for miles through the maze of wonder.

The incredible experience was enhanced by our knowledgeable and hospitable guide Miguel. The guide books were never unpacked for he could answer any question… birds, history, art, culture, trees, animals….. But what was most impressive was the fact that he never lost his enthusiasm for what we were experiencing. Miguel was as excited as were when we saw that first Howler Monkey and he never stopped asking, “Did you get that?”  Referring to snapping photos. 

Chaa Creek is a vacation that changes you for the better!  We were renewed! Thank you, all.

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  1. HEY!! gIRL!!!! haber si avidinas kn soy!! soy una huge fan tuyo! y pue todos me preguntan si sos toda fashon alli! otra pista…es—¡YO TOME UNAS DE LAS PICTURES! y im orgullosa de eso!! jeje!;)

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