Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#22

Evan and I (Julie) would like to visit Chaa Creek, because we are interested in combining new experiences and luxury into one fabulous anniversary holiday. We are celebrating our tenth anniversary next year. We have a newborn and a 3 year old, and we could REALLY use a vacation for just the two of us! I’ve been looking for a great place to visit where we can meet great new people, learn about another culture, see an ecosystem new to us, and still have a romantic adventure. Conde Nast brought my eyes to Chaa Creek, but as a teacher and self-employed guy, I do not think we will be able to afford such an extravagance on our own.


Ev and I have traveled to some really great places, but our travel is never on our own dime. Evan is a technical director for corporate audio/visual, and he organizes the people and the gear for meetings and conventions in lovely places around the world. However, he always has to work when we visit these great places, and that isn’t any fun (although we still have lots!) We have backpacked in Europe and Southeast Asia, and the part of backpacking that I love the best is meeting the other great travelers who are similarly minded about respecting other cultures and treading quietly and gently in a new place. What strikes me about Chaa Creek is the potential to meet other travelers, but still have a luxurious private space to call our own and enjoy each other’s company. We both love to splurge on fine wine and dining when we can, and Chaa Creek sounds like the perfect place to scratch that itch for this special occasion. Mostly, we are both excited about visiting Belize for the first time!

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