Nature Quest Sweepstakes – Essay#24

Why I want to visit The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize, Central America… 


With land so vast and old times told

We wonder what Chaa Creek beholds

Website provides sufficient bait

Adventure and discovery wait


‘Copter lifts us forth with speed

Towering falls with marvel heed

Descent to rainforest advocates

The ventures we anticipate


The morning wakes us with bird call

Toucan, Mot-Mot, Trogan all

For the day’s excitement we ignite

Breakfast bask in scene delight


Ancient Maya with secrets spare

Appears through branches here and there

I ride the bumpy trail by bike

The thrill of speed fulfils the hype


Temple tall and weathered stone

Hints of civilizations gone

With observation we detect

Art and works of intellect


The Mayan people left behind

Just a glimpse of history’s bind

Imagination best admires

Imitation, thought inspires


The paddle breaks the silence slight

Canoeing through mosaic light

The jungle thick and shade so cool

I dive into the crystal pool


Caving wet into the dark

Whispers trick my beating heart

Mysteries are hidden here

Unearthed from solitude appear


Bones and artifact sublime

We travel richly back through time

With reverence we leave and then

The cave is quiet and still again


The trail welcomes back our tryst

But this time on a different beast

Whinny soft and hooves a-beat

We travel by their shodden feet


The days then end with us fatigued

Meditative thoughts we heed

On the pillow I lay my head

Belize in dream and burden shed




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