Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#42

In January, 1990, my wife and I were married after five years of dating. She was finishing college at the time. I have been in college on and off ever since. Next month, I will finish my doctorate degree and continue working at the local community college. She is now the mother of our two children and works part time to help us keep the kids in good schools.

Approaching our 20th anniversary and 25th year as a couple, we began searching for ways to celebrate the enduring strength of our relationship. A trip to Belize will provide the memory of a lifetime, and the lodge at Chaa Creek represents the best of what Belize has to offer.

Since we have been married, most of our vacations have been spent visiting relatives or taking the kids to one of the myriad parks offering a magical experience or rollercoasters, character pictures and man-paved fun.

For this occasion, my wife and I seek something this is truly different than anything we have ever experienced. To experience the world as God designed it, to learn and understand the recreational opportunities inherent in nature, and to create the kind of memories that sustain a relationship for the next 25 years is our goal. Chaa Creek Lodge and the jungle rain forests of Belize clearly offer the magical destination that will make our dreams come true.

We also look forward to using this trip as a means to support friends who have established a mission in the Belize city of St. Ignacio. The beauty of our relationship, the beauty of the Belizean ecosystem and the beauty of helping those in need – these are the goals of ouur Belize vacation, and we look forward with hope to spending our time at Chaa Creek Lodge.

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