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Belize:  An Adventure Junkie’s Must Visit Destination

I consider myself to be quite the “adrenaline junkie”.  Whether its ziplining in the trees of some exotic jungle or rappelling down a waterfall with nothing but a dangling wire separating you from the top of a cliff and the ground, I am always looking for the next big thing.  My friend Anna had just gotten back from a trip to Belize and could not stop talking about how amazing it was.  “Everyone is so friendly” she said.  “It was so beautiful being immersed in a country of such natural beauty…I never wanted to go home!” 
          Needless to say, I was intrigued.  I started my search for the next vacation as most people do, via the internet.  First by clicking on Google Images of beaches and oceans to get me in the mood for vacation, and eventually switched over to the regular search engine mode.  I typed in keywords like “Belize Vacations“, and “Belize Adventures“.  I was amazed at how much they had to offer!  (And at prices MUCH MUCH less than other Eco-Tourism vacation destinations).  I instantly was attracted to the “Black Hole Abseil” excursion; where you descend 300 feet into a basin, and go exploring below!  Wow! I was also equally as excited for the “Raiders of the Lost Mayan Caves” tour where you go on an Indiana Jones type adventure and climb through caves and hidden cenotes dating back to the Ancient Maya
           Both these two things are reason enough for me wanting to book the next flight out of JFK to Belize City, and Chaa Creek seems to have it all.  A two hour drive from the airport and into the wild jungle!  I can already imagine being surrounded by nature and all its secret treasures.  All of the reviews I read so far seem to sing its praises…The fact that the Lodge’s Spa is considered to be the “Best one in Belize” by many guidebooks really caught my eye.  In addition, it says that Chaa Creek’s tours are the among the country’s finest, and horseback riding is available. 

          So to sum it up, gorgeous accommodations, fabulous staff, and great food…count me in!

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