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Chaa Creek:A Dream Vacation of a Lifetime

Belize has been a fantasy of mine to visit ever since I saw a postcard of the “Big Blue Hole”. My love for nature and the outdoors has carried itself from my youth into adulthood, and made me the free spirited woman I am today. Only when I am outdoors do I truly feel liberated and like my true self. This connection to nature and my quest to be uninhibited has taken me up in the trees of exotic rainforest canopies as well as cascading down active waterfalls deep in the jungles of some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I began learning about all the amazing things to do in Belize, and how much my life would be enriched if I could go tubing into the mouth of a cave, or visit the ancient ruins of a Mayan civilization. However, given the state of the current economy and being a broker in New York City has limited my vacation funds drastically. Actually limited is an overstatement non-existent is a better word. However the natural environment in the Big Apple is not without its charm. I consider myself to be quite the bird lover and to my astonishment I found out that there is an entire generation of pigeons that solely survive off Gray’s Papaya hot dogs! Also the fish that live in the waters of Coney Island are rumored to have three eyes now by local Brooklyn beach goers. As lovely as all this sounds, it cannot measure up to the exciting jungles of Belize and the beautiful wildlife that inhabit it.

I have researched traveling to places such as Chaa Creek, because the idea of staying at a resort with an emphasis on nature would literally bring my fantasy to a reality in several ways. As a bird lover Belize birding looks pretty rewarding. I am certain that my vacation at Chaa Creek would be the trip of a lifetime!

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