Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#37

A free holiday at an Eco Lodge in beautiful Belize that sounds like a perfect place to take my Mom who really deserves a special and relaxing vacation. Your lodge looks like an amazing place with so much to see and do and endless beauty. These past few years have been really rough for my family especially My Mom who lost my Dad, her older brother and younger brother to cancer.  JJ as we call her is always taking care of everyone else and could use some quiet time away from phones and computers and the everyday hustle and bustle(spelling?  JJ has been interested in butterflies since she was a kid and  would love to visit the butterfly farm and see all the different butterflies. It’s really hard to get my Mom to pamper herself and the Spa at Chaa Creek looks like a perfect place for her to relax and be taken care of. I would love to accompany my Mom on this trip-it’s been many years since we have gone on a cool journey together–finances have been tight. There are so many activities that we would enjoy especially visiting the Mayan ruins, bird watching, hiking and especially the night time creature walk that sounds really cool.  Mom and I could both use some adventure and- might even go for a helicopter ride that looks exciting! We both love photography and would bring plenty of memory cards so we could take a ton of pictures. This looks like really unique place with beautiful rooms, tasty looking food and so much wildlife al l around.


That’s really great you are an Eco Lodge we are all about green living and being more mindful of the earth and its creatures.

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