Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#38

Visiting the Lodge at Chaa Creek would be a dream come true!

I long to experience the untouched magic of Belize, walk among howler monkeys, hike the pristine rainforest trails, explore the Macal River, study the incomparable flora and fauna, see magnificent and rare butterflies and birds, dive among healthy coral reefs, meander up river through the dense tropical canopy, enjoy riding through sub-tropical broadleaf forests, or simply swim in the pool or just relax in eco friendly surroundings.

But the thrill and excitement of that magnificent region called Belize does not end there.

There are the ancient Mayan Ruins of Altun Ha and Lamanai to explore with airboats,; the highest waterfall in Central America and a four thousand foot peak to admire from a wonderful helicopter flight; there are numerous amazing caves I would explore with gusto, slowly propelling myself through the dark caverns via kayak, completing my magnificent journey by way of swinging suspension bridge and an exciting rappel down a cliff face; apart from the thrill of spelunking is the further thrill of soaring nearly five hundred feet above the canopy floor in one of the most breath taking zip lines in the America’s.

No visit to Belize is complete without exploring one of the top natural wonders of the world…the Blue Hole of Belize! As a certified diver, I would excitedly devote countless bubbles diving over and through what is the largest sinkhole in the world. It would truly be a dive of a lifetime.

Belize is truly one of the most remarkable places on earth.

I am deeply committed to the conservation of this magnificent and rich bio diverse area and am absolutely willing to support a range of conservation projects while I am in the Chaa Creek region!

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  2. Pingback: Vacation Sweepstakes - Essay#38 | belize today

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