Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#30

I am from Brooklyn, NY and get to see very little nature, apart from my local park.  My mum and dad want me to understand what a beautiful world they have brought me into and show me why it is worth protecting. 

They tell me that going to Belize will help me to appreciate my senses.  In Brooklyn, I see people rushing around, chubby squirrels eating bagels, and tall buildings surrounded by sidewalks.  I hear fire engines, people shouting, horns honking, and planes overhead on the way to the airport.  When I go outside, I smell gasoline, sewers, and garbage.  My mum and dad tell me that at Chaa Creek I will see people taking their time, birds more beautiful than pigeons, and trees that outnumber buildings.  They say I will hear nothing but birds, insects, and the wind in the trees.  I will smell warm, moist air that smells of rich soil and plantlife. 

 My parents also tell me that the people at Chaa Creek set an excellent example of sustainability.  They take care to recycle nearly everything and are sure to use locally grown produce.  Hopefully if I get to visit Chaa Creek, it will be just in time for me to start solid foods!

My mum and dad tell me that my generation will determine the fate of our planet and want me to get to know Earth’s beauty so that I will be motivated to do my part to take care of her.  I hope that you will help me to visit Chaa Creek so I can make a difference!

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