Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#43

           I hope I will be able to make you feel how much this trip matters for me even if I am a French native speaker. 
            As a past student of Central America civilization and Spanish language The Chaa Creek Lodge represents the best opportunity for me to live my passion for pre-Columbian cultures. Belize will be happy to welcome a green addict girl (rainforest, sea and mountains). Human beings will never succeed to reach the perfection of natural beauty that Belize valuable landscapes offer. 

            As a sporty girl I need to get active “fresh” vacation and enrich my cultural knowledge by discovering historical places. Starting by seeing one of the best conservationist lodge on our planet and at the same time having the possibility to discover Maya temples will be a privilege. 

             In my work I am eager to boost eco and fair tourism but never have been in an environmental-friendly country that meets all my intellectual dreams. It will be exotic for me to visit seductive Belize, the least spoiled destination in the world and live in acknowledged Chaa Creek Lodge with a broad range of fun healthy activities. It is vital to realize in situ what an “organic” holiday is.    

            Someone who is not concerned about sustainable measures is selfish. I would like to draw a parallel between Belize that praise God’s nature and mine where nature is despised to prevent my country from future environmental damages, urbanization and pollution expansion. I hope to convince people of the importance of stopping global warming for the future of next generation. 

I need to relax in a preserved place with my family to forget the stressful work and noisy city. Even if I am a lucky girl compared to a lot of people I need to recharge one’s batteries.

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