Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#46

Life is short. Days go by quickly, one often wonders what did I do this week? What have I accomplished? Being part of the social construction that we call reality is sometimes overbearing and unfulfilling. But nature, nature is the one real thing. It is never in question or confusion. It purely exists and it is true. Why would I not want to experience nature first hand? Why would I not want to be surrounded by 365 acres of private nature reserve on the banks of the Macal River? There is nothing I’d rather do more that sit amongst a million trees, amongst one thousand species, amongst nature in its purest sense. For what is life if not a chance to see the awesome. What is the soul if not a string of experiences? What is fate, if not the chance to win? What is life, if not the impossible made possible?

I want to visit the Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize because life throws curve balls and I’d like a good curve ball for a change. I want to see a Toucan. I want to canoe and horseback ride. I absolutely want to see a butterfly farm and I want proof that the world is real and that I have a real part in it.

We are all connected by a string of events, a path if you will, filled with coincidences, missed opportunities, inevitable happenings and perfect reasoning. While bad attracts the bad, good brings in more good. What happens one day is sure to have an effect on days to come. And in this string of events it would be nice to see happiness, to see nature, to see trees and rivers and life and it would be so lovely to see Belize.

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