Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#11)

I had the pleasure of visiting Belize City for 9 short hours this past November while on a Holland America Ship that graced your port. It was a whirl wind tour with a fabulous guide who took us up into your rain forest for a day of tubing and a lovely lunch. I very much wish to come back to your beautiful country to explore more fully Belize and her lush rain forests with my family. I’ve been telling my children about your country and how hard you are working to create eco-tourism for those of us interested in learning about the Mayan culture and habitat (without causing harm to harm to her eco-systems) as most of us have exhausted North American travel and our interest is piqued for more exotic locales such as yours.

Our typical challenge, until now, has been are that we just don’t know enough about South Central America, or her people, to know if it is a safe place to visit or if communication would be difficult for us Canadians. My recent day journey into Belize City allayed my fears and I can’t wait to come back. A trip to your Chaa Creek resort would be the next logical step in scoping out your gorgeous, English-speaking, country. To be honest, it is your Creole language that I find most alluring and sexy. I am looking forward to resting, site seeing from your glorious retreat, making some new friends with your people and learning more about your culture.

My husband and I are Physicians of Natural Medicine, here in Canada, and we are certainly in alignment with your mandate to support eco-travel. We live very naturally on a hobby farm with organic gardens, sheep, ducks and chickens (and snow!). We serve our patients using homeopathic medicine, which also causes no harm, but is based on the principle for cure, like cures like. We are very mindful of nourishing ourselves and your retreat looks like the perfect spot for us to renew and replenish our mental and emotional resources. I look forward to hearing back from you. This may be a place that we could share with our colleagues!

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