Family Vacation Sweepstakes

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s award-winning family vacation destination in the jungles of Central America, is offering free all inclusive holidays to the lucky winners of our Family Vacation Sweepstakes.

These fun-filled holidays of a life-time are being provided to families who would like to enjoy a truly special Belize adventure free of charge. Chaa Creek has been family friendly since its inception in 1981 providing culture based environmental programs that introduce families to the tropical rainforests of western Belize.

To enter the Family Vacation Sweepstakes, all you have to do is write an essay (maximum of 300 words) explaining why your family has chosen Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek as your best family vacation destination. The essay must be submitted via email to and will be published anonymously on the Chaa Creek Travel Blog.

The Chaa Creek Team will then send you a link upon receiving your essay to access a short list of questions about Chaa Creek. All of the answers to the questions can be found on the Chaa Creek website at You must score a minimum of 85% in order to be entered into the final sweepstake drawing.

The Family Vacation Sweepstakes closes on February 1st 2010. All qualified entries will be placed in the drawing barrel and the winning tickets for the five prizes will be drawn and monitored by the Board of Directors of Chaa Creek Limited in the Cayo District of Belize.

Winning vacation packages accommodate a family of four and are inclusive of cottage accommodation, food, transfers, tours and activities for all the family.

  • A Four Night/Five Day  Eco Rainforest Package for four
  • A Four Night/Five Day Inland Expedition Package for four
  • A 50% discount on a  Four Night Inland Expeditions Package or Eco Rainforest Package for four
  • A 40% discount on Four Night Inland Expeditions Package or Eco Rainforest Package for four
  • A 30% discount on Four Night Inland Expeditions Package or Eco Rainforest Package four

For more information about the Family Vacation Sweepstake, contact the property at 877-709-8708, or visit the web site at

Disclaimer: Please note that vacation prizes are non-transferrable, and cannot be used for existing reservations.

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1 thought on “Family Vacation Sweepstakes

  1. My name is Debra Hecht,I would love for my family to be able to win this vacation, because I have never been able to afford a vacation for my family.5 years ago my childrens father passed away because of an automobile accident and this summer I was finally able to afford to take my children on a vacation and in may I found out that i had breast I had a double masectomy, and soon I start chemo.I had to use my savings to live off from while im off work, and i would love to be able too take my children on a vacation. thank you…..Debra Hecht

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