Family Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#4

I would like our first ever vacation as a family to be to Chaa Creek in Belize.  My husband and I honeymooned there two years ago and vowed to come back as a family.  We had such an amazing, eye-opening, life-changing experience, that we cannot wait to share it with those we love most.  This year, two has become three and the love of our life, our wide-eyed 4-month-old boy, is a sponge.  We want him to absorb all the beauty that Chaa Creek has to offer. 

We want to show him the beautiful trees that we learned about and explain to him why the Gumbo Limbo tree is also called the “tourist” tree.  We want him to see and hear the wide array of colorful birds— toucans, parrots, and warblers.  We want him to see the bright iguanas in the trees along the riverbank.  We want him to hear the rushing Macal River.  We want him to breathe the moist forest air and hear the agouti scurry around in the brush.  We want him to taste delicious food that is not contaminated by pesticides and see Blue Morpho butterflies in abundance, emerging from a tiny chrysalis into two-weeks-worth of awe-inspiring beauty.  We want him to watch the thick morning mist dissipate and reveal the lush, green landscape. 

There are so many things to show our son in Belize and Chaa Creek is by far the best example of how to show it to him.  He will see unspoiled land and be introduced to ecotourism.  If we show him how breathtaking the Earth can be now– when he his so young, he will grow up wanting to protect the world he loves.  I hope we can bring him back to Chaa Creek through the years and show him how natural and beautiful life can be when the environment is respected.

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