Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#12)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is absolutely awesome! I found out about this Belize Vacation Sweepstakes after goggling ECO family vacations for my grandchildren. I was pleasantly surprise to review all the accolades your Belize resort has received. I can rest assured with the endorsement from the world’s most prestigious travel companies a first class experience that is secure and awesome in the quality of the vacation packages offered. I wanted to find a vacation that will inspire my 13 year granddaughter and four year old grandson to a beautiful world so they could develop a love for Nature, its beauty and the responsibility that comes with it. And to embrace our planet and ECO system for the numerous values it holds, with all it glory for them and future generations to protect. The family vacation package I reviewed would be intellectually stimulating for them and myself.  And after reviewing the endorsements from the National Geographic Adventure Magazine that rates your resort in top 50 in the world is a great achievement which is complemented by host of other endorsements. Whether we are the lucky family to be selected to enjoy this wonderful vacation package or not The Lodge at Chaa Creek is on my wish list for our next family’s expedition in an unspoiled region of Belize.

Thank You.

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3 thoughts on “Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#12)

  1. I have travelled many times with Family Vacation Sweepstakes. I have never made it to a Belize Vacation Sweepstakes,but I enter eco family vacations sweepstakes, as well as Belize Vacations Sweepstakes, family vacations packages, family vacations sweepstakes and all vacation packages I come across. Belize has been at the top of my,”WHERE I WANT TO GO,” list. I read up on the country, the culture, the beauty of Belize. This website has also brought more reasons to go there. I am getting married soon to my lovely bride and Belize is the perfect place to have the ceremony and honeymoon. Believe me when I say I have ALWAYS dreamt of going to Belize. I don’t have any fantastic stories of Belize, so I am thankful for this opportunity. After I win and visit…I will write reviews to go with all the ones I’ve read.

  2. I’ve promised my sweetheart that we would marry someplace special…and Ancient Maya Belize is the perfect place. Not omly have I always wanted to go, my sweeitie pie now insists we go. I am anxious to see the Cayo District Central America chaa creek and stay at the Lodge at Chaa Creek on our family vacations, thanks to this sweepstakes. Thank you to all who left reviews on their Belize vacations. We are so, so looking forward to win this eco tourism Belize Vacation…and of course our once in a lifetime chance to marry the love of my life there.

  3. It is finally a promise on my part. I told my beautiful Fiance we would marry in some place tropical, and Belize Vacation Sweepstakes is a perfect location. Not only is it a eco family sweepstakes, but a place for us to marry in Belize and visit or stay at Chaa Creek. I absolutely have my fingers and toes crossed for this sweepstakes. I wait with abated breath…..

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