Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#17)

I just spent time reading the informative Belize Travel Blog on the Chaa Creek website. In between reading the blogs, I found myself repeatedly clicking on the current weather report link. The current temperature is: 80 degrees F. All I could think about was that warm 80 degrees. How awesome! In sharp contrast to the freezing temperatures of the States that is paradise! Then I thought about the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, hiking through the 365-acre forest reserve, swimming at the Chaa Creek Belize resort pool, exploring the Maya temple sites and nearby caves, and taking in all the beautiful flora and fauna of Belize. And, of course, the relaxing massage my wife will enjoy at the end of the day. I daydreamed my family was enjoying all this while soaking in the warmth of 80 degree weather! While daydreaming provides me with a “mini-break”, my family needs a REAL Belize vacation. We need to escape from these cold winter days and come to The Lodge at Chaa Creek where the weather is warm. A luxury vacation in the rainforests of Belize would give us the R&R we need to really warm up our hearts and energize our souls. Chaa Creek is the best destination vacation for our family because of the variety of activities offered, all with the comforts of home and a bit of luxury. Plus, our family enjoys vacations in which learning is part of the experience. Many of the activities teach cultural and environmental lessons about the people, ecology and history of Belize. We want to return from a vacation not only feeling relaxed but also feeling as though we have learned to appreciate a different part of the world. The award-winning Chaa Creek seems like the perfect paradise for our next family vacation. We hope we win!

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