Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#19)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is the best Belize vacation destination for the simple fact that 365 acres are a private natural reserve. I love this because I can truly see what the wildlife of Belize is like and it is unspoiled and a true marvel at nature. I love that there are activities that you can do to really get you in the heart of Belize and put you at one with the nature and beauty that it has to offer. Even at night there is the Creatures of the Night Walk that lets you get a first hand look at even the nightlife of the wilderness. It doesn’t even matter what time of the year you travel they have packages to meet all of your needs. For example the Chaa’s Creek Christmas package is something you can do with your family and still feel like its the holidays. They even put their touch to it and incorporate nature into that too by seeing the decorated trees garlanded with seeds and fruits. Giving you the spirit of Christmas but the heart of Belize. Its those little touches to give you that home feeling with a sense of adventure I have to say I admire and crave the most. Finally, the Lodge at Chaa Creek is the best because not only can you randevous with nature but you can relax and be at one with yourself in the tropical paradise in the spa. This puts this Lodge one step above the rest because their spa menu is not just massage and facials, they do whole body treatments. Letting you reconnect with your surroundings and your inner peace. Knowing that adventure awaits around every corner and luxury is just a step away is why the Lodge at Chaa Creek is wonderful place to experience all Belize has to offer.

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