Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#20)

How many places in the world have you actually discussed moving to without ever having visited?  For my husband and I, the answer is exactly one: Belize.

We’ve been reading and dreaming about Belize for 4 years now.  The beaches of course look beautiful, and the reef beacons all of us born under a water sign.  But what has grabbed my attention is western Belize, with the rainforests, wildlife, and ruins.  And NOBODY does Western Belize like Chaa Creek.

I first heard about the Lodge at Chaa Creek in a travel chat room.  I lived vicariously through those travelers’ rainforest adventures.  Those interested in a physical challenge clearly got it.  Discussions of treks to Mayan ruins, mountain bike rides, and eco adventure canoe trips down rivers had me green with envy.  Then I heard others talking about glamorous swimming pools, delicious meals, golf courses and spa treatments, and I assumed they posted in the wrong thread.  To my delight, I was wrong!

After reading about others’ adventures, I had to investigate Chaa Creek for myself.  The magnificent website looks just like a photo spread in Conde Nast or National Geographic.  I spent several hours looking through the info on the site, and learning about a side of Belize that I hadn’t really come across before.  We have also read through the different Belize travel packages offered by Chaa Creek, and I have to say each one looks more amazing than the one before it.

So, obviously we haven’t actually moved to Belize yet — and certainly we’ll be visiting before we would ever consider it.  But now we know with absolute certainty who to arrange our travel with when the time comes for our inaugural visit.

And I can not wait until I can contribute to that Chaa Creek chat room discussion!

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