Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#22)

Living with an excellent cook, having friends over for a 7-course meal, eating locally grown food bought at the farmer’s market—all these are reasons why I am often disappointed with meals when I travel. But I was anything but disappointed at Chaa Creek.

First of all, the service was fantastic. When my daughter and I arrived for our first breakfast, the staff was waiting for us to get there—we were the only guests who hadn’t eaten yet. Second, the choices of food were different every day, and always wonderful. And every meal had a vegetarian choice, something many resorts ignore.

But best of all was the chicken soup. On our last evening at Chaa Creek, the chef featured a spicy chicken soup that was indescribably delicious. After we had finished it, the chef came out of the kitchen and chatted with the diners. I complimented him on the soup and asked if there was any chance of getting the recipe, knowing no California chef would give up a recipe for something so wonderful. But much to my surprise, he not only agreed to give me the recipe, but had it delivered to my room before I left the next day.

We have had the spicy chicken soup twice since I got home. And each time I am reminded of what a wonderful time I had at Chaa Creek and in Belize. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#22)

  1. I have been looking for a educational, awe inspiring eco-vacation for my grand children and finding Chaa Creek has been a awesome discovery.I researched the site and and examined many reviews for happy vationers. This coupled with all the accolades from top rated companies. This place sounds like the most waesome experience for these eager grand children of our that are eager to explore life’s unseen wonders. The educational experience and the awe inspiring beauty ofthis ECO resort is a must see opportunity for the curious natur lover. look forward in booking our dream vacation at the Best of the Best…Chaa Creek Greg Bradley

  2. Hello Chaa Creek and others,
    When I first saw your website I was interested because my husband and I have friends (pen pals, actually) that live not to far from there in Belize. We became friends through an act of charity on our part which has become so much more! We enjoy writing to them monthly and it’s been a joy to continue to keep in contact with them now for the past few years. Through this wonderful friendship we exchange cultures, languages (I am learning Creole) and so much more. We have learned to appreciate the area of Belize and all it has to offer both residents and guests. Though we have never been there, we hear how beautiful it is and would love to go! We would love not only for the chance to see Belize in its glory but also to stay at what appears to be the most magnificant resort ever! We beleive that the people, much like the location is as colorful, vibrant and spirited as one can imagine- and Chaa Creek seems to be no exception! Even more, we would love to visit there as a family and experience it firsthand for ourselves since our family has not been able to take a “real” vacation for other reasons… Our 6 year-old son would love to travel but has had to battle a congenital heart defect since birth known as “Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.” Because of this condition, he has already undergone three major, open-heart surgeries and an additional surgery prior to birth. At first we were not allowed to take him away for travel (for medical reasons regarding my son’s heart); now he would be medically cleared to fly but we simply can not afford it. Since caring for him and his two younger brothers (I chose to stay home with the children to care for them, especially because my oldest son was at one point to sick to attend day-care when he was younger) we do not have the money to take vacations. My husband works hard at his job and even though he had been laid off last year for 6 months we still feel blessed. We would love to provide our children the opportunity to meet people from other countries (ie. our pen pal friends in Belize) to let them gain understanding of other rich cultures beyond their own. We would love to provide our family with the chance to have wonderful memories made relaxing at your exotic,luxorious Chaa Creek resort, especially after all we (namely, my son) has been through these last few years. Nothing could be a greater miracle, to us, than being chosen… nothing except having a healthy family. And so, chosen or not- we are still very blessed! Sincerely, Mary and Tyler Thomas (and family)

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