Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#27)

Adventurous eaters eager for a taste of The Lodge at Chaa Creek

We live in Phoenix, Arizona and have had opportunities to spend time in neighboring Mexico. It has only whetted our appetites to explore farther into Central and South America. We delight in experiencing new places and cultures.   As an amateur photographer and closet bird-watcher, capturing the beauty and luxury of The Lodge at Chaa Creek, the Rainforest, the Mayan ruins and the nearby caves and waterways would be a dream come true and create lifetime memories.   We have an avid interest in food and food service. We’d like to experience the hospitality and flavors of  “Jungle Cuisine”. My wife and I are partners in a company that works with the food and beverage operations of many hotels, casinos and resort properties in the United States and Canada. We often mystery-shop restaurants and help to evaluate and improve the guest experience. We’d love to see how the operation at Chaa Creek works and to meet with the chefs and the front-of-house staff.   We are great proponents of the locavore movement, eating mostly that which is grown or raised locally, within a hundred-or-so miles. We encourage everyone we work with to showcase local ingredients and techniques in their menus. Visiting with the Mayan farmers and seeing how they operate their organic, sustainable farms would be of immense interest to us. I’m sure that we would learn things that we could share with our local growers and ranchers. Of course, then seeing and tasting these products would be the highlight of our trip.

So bring on the beet and ginger cheesecake, please!

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