Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#28)

Searching for the special place to spend our 30th wedding anniversary, my husband and I immediately thought of Belize.  We have never been to Central America before but it was on our bucket list.  The Lodge of Chaa Creek website caught our attention.  Intrigued by this 365 private reserve situated in a lush rainforest surrounded by panoramic views of the Mayan Mountains I knew this was the perfect setting for nature lovers such as ourselves.  Voted as the best eco friendly resort,  we would see nature unspoiled and undisturbed.  I started visualizing how we would spend our days there.  Maybe we would visit the Butterfly Farm , possibly catching sight of a Belizean Blue or maybe on a romantic canoe ride exploring the Mayan River and taking a swim.  In the evening we would dine under the stars sampling the Shrimp & Tomato Cappuccino followed by a guided Creatures of the Night tour lead by one of the experienced naturalists.  The following day we could explore Belize, talk to the indigenous people of the community and visit a Mayan temple site.

But at night falling to sleep to the sounds of chirping crickets and the hooting of owls instead of traffic and awakening not to an alarm clock but the chorus of birds would be music to our ears… you couldn’t find this on a cruise ship.. This would be the ideal place for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary.  But I wonder if my husband would be so mesmerized by this beauty that he would not even notice me.   It’s a chance that I am willing to take!

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