Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#29)

I would love to visit Chaa Creek with my family, because I want my children to understand that traveling means meeting new people and opening one’s eyes to a different place and different cultures. We have two girls, and I’ve been looking for a great place to vacation and avoid the overt commercialism of some family vacation places. Basically, I want a princess-free holiday with my girls. I want them to feel good about themselves for trying new adventures, attempting new physical challenges, eating new foods, and meeting new people.

Since I began reading about Belize, I have been fascinated by the diversity of the physical land, the history of the Mayans, and the responsible development of tourism in this county. I hope to intrigue my girls to discover more about culture, history, and eco-diversity. Chaa Creek is a beautiful place to experience the wonderful country of Belize. My family would be so pampered to enjoy the accommodations and amenities of Chaa Creek, along with the daily adventures that Chaa Creek offers. I am particularly excited about my family meeting other travelers who are similarly minded about respecting other cultures and treading quietly and gently in a new place. Plus, what is more important than finding a holiday that everyone in the family can enjoy in their own way? I can get a massage while my husband plays with the girls at the pool, and then, we can all go for a horseback ride together! The next day, we can explore caves together! This will be a total blast. What strikes me about Chaa Creek is the potential to meet other travelers, but still have a luxurious private space to call our own and enjoy each other’s company. Mostly, we are all excited about visiting Belize for the first time!

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