Chaa Creek: A Luxurious Eco Lodge

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#31)

I would love to visit Belize and The Lodge at Chaa Creek. My husband and I enjoy adventure travel and have been looking forward to a Belize vacation for some time. I was so excited when I came upon the Lodge at Chaa Creek since it provides everything that we are looking for: a luxurious Belize eco-lodge in a remote jungle location, great local cuisine, many choices for adventure both on site and through tours booked at the Lodge, and most importantly a family-friendly environment. We hoped to find a destination where we can travel with our preschool-age daughter that was not Disney or a busy beach, and where we can have her experience what we love about travel. The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a very family-friendly resort where our daughter can experience the splendor of the jungle and wildlife, discover a new culture and learn respect of a different way of life, learn to better appreciate our earth and its beauty, and experience history by visiting ruins of ancient civilizations all while her father and I can relax knowing that she is welcome. In addition, with baby-sitting services on-site, her father and I can enjoy some of the more adventurous tours knowing that she is safe and comfortable.Therefore, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is the perfect family destination in Belize and one that we can’t wait to experience!

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