Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#32)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is a cure for the metaphorical “hiccups” of day-to-day life. It is a place where, if you want to do nothing, there are no distractions forcing you to action or reaction. Yet, it is also a place where, if you want to experience, adventure is abundant, and if you want to learn, culture, history, and nature are at your fingertips. All without the annoying distractions that often accompany travel and always accompany day-to-day life. It is a place where it is impossible to avoid beauty, peace, and serenity, although you may hear an occasional woodpecker on your thatched roof – a reminder of the amazing country of Belize and rainforest that surround you. From the beautiful grounds, to the fabulous accommodations (especially the outdoor and indoor showers!), to the unique on-site activities (the Creatures of the Night Walk was a favorite), to the off-site tours (canoeing through the caves at Barton Creek was amazing!), to the relaxing spa, to the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, to the delicious meals and amazing staff, I cannot imagine a better Belize vacation spot. So, yes, there is a cure for the hiccups of day-to-day life – the Lodge at Chaa Creeek. But no guarantees that you won’t get the actual hiccups after one of their yummy special drinks at the bar!

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