Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#34)

We visited Chaa Creek last summer and since then have been dreaming about returning – this time with a larger group!  The place was so wonderful we want all of our family to experience it.

When you stay at Chaa Creek, you feel very close to nature.  You fall asleep to the sound of croaking frogs and awaken to singing birds.  The grounds are landscaped with palms and tropical fruit trees, and iguanas live among the branches.

One evening, we went on a nighttime nature walk.  The guide shined his flashlight into the grass and there were hundreds of spider eyes looking back at us!  We also saw scorpions, peanut bugs and leaf-cutter ants, industriously carrying bits of foliage into their nest.

Another highlight was trail riding.  I’ve only been on horseback a few times, but the guide was as patient as he was skilled.  The first day of riding through the jungle was so much fun that we signed up for another.  On the second day, we rode through grassy fields and a hilly Mayan farm – we even dismounted to climb some overgrown ruins.  It was spectacular!

Chaa Creek is beautiful, but there are three things that make it truly “civilized.”  The first is the food.  We tried many new dishes, including Belizean specialties, and the food never disappointed.  We couldn’t stop talking about how well we were eating, considering that we were in the jungle!  The second is the pool, which is absolutely beautiful.  Because the resort has just 23 rooms, it’s almost like having your own private pool!  Finally, the service is professional and friendly.  From the guides to the maids to the waitresses to the front desk staff, everyone at Chaa Creek makes an exciting adventure in the Belizean jungle as comfortable as it can possibly be.

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