Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#40)

The cathartic and captivating effect that a stay at Chaa Creek instills on its guests through the concord of nature and man is unparalleled. From the innovative structure of the Tree Top Suites that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the overwhelming scenery of the rainforest, to the magical romance of the Macal Cottages, Chaa Creek leaves an imprint on everyone.

Whether you wish for a relaxing day at the spa surrounded by the therapeutic sounds of the rainforest or to stroll through the rainforest reserve and take in the vista of exotic wildlife and lush vegetation, there is no desire that cannot be met at Chaa Creek. Knowledgeable staff provides exceptional service and willingly provide unlimited information about the history of Mayan civilization within Belize and the cultural riches of the nation today.

Everyone from honeymooners to family’s can interact with one another in this ecological paradise. The “Jungle Cuisine” offered by the Chaa Creek Restaurant uses local produce to create mouthwatering dishes and its wide variety of beverages ensures that visitors can enjoy a true getaway experience.

Chaa Creek offers guests the once in a life time experience to immerse themselves in the culturally and environmentally rich paradise of Belize. Through it’s uniquely structured and decorated rooms, unlimited flora and fauna of the rainforest and delicious variety of cuisine, Chaa Creek creates a state of euphoria for its guests that is unlike any other.

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