Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#42)

From what my parents told me about their trips to Costa Rica, it sounds like Belize will be very similar in many ways. However, neither they nor myself have ever seen Mayan temples.

I grew up near St. Louis, MO. Right across the river there are a number of mounds built by the Mississipians, which was a very advanced culture for their time. There are several very large burial mounds in the area, and some believe the Mississipians may have a close connection with the Mayans.

If we were to win a trip to Chaa Creek, we could expand our horizons and visit the ruins which are nearby.

My wife and I have traveled extensively, but neither of us has ever been to Central America. From what my parents told me, and from what I read on the Chaa Creek website, it sounds like a trip to your resort would be very educational and entertaining. I am especially looking forward to walking in the rain forest, as I have never visited such a place.

We really aren’t into bird-watching, but with over 300 species of birds right there in Chaa Creek Nature Reserve, we may very well give that a try!

My wife and I might try going through the caves, but I am not sure I would be able to convince my mother to wade through waste-deep water along the way. However, I am sure there will be no problem convincing both my wife and my mother to visit your spa!

It sounds like there are many opportunities for adventure right on the 365 acre private preserve, and many more within an a hour or two from your property. Whether or not we win one of the prizes, we may very well visit your Belize resort at some point in time.

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