Belize Honeymoon Vacation Essay#2

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I first heard of Belize from a co-worker whose cousin was marring someone from Belize. Honestly, even coming from the Island of Trinidad and Tobago as a child and migrating to the United States; I never heard of the country. I started researching the country and I was very surprised that you can drive to Belize from the United States; via California then through Mexico. I started researching the culture and the natives. Shortly after I met someone from Belizeand he looked Hispanic and African American. He informed me that he was from Belize and he did not speak Spanish but English. I found his appearance rather different and he started to explain his native country. I was told that most of the natives where a mixture of Spanish and African descent.

Today, I am still intrigue by the vast rainforest and the tropical birds. Also, from my research I found that globalization has not destroyed many of your natural habitation for the wildlife. I would like to visit the historical monuments and rainforest while enjoying the bliss of our honeymoon. I know this opportunity to spend our honeymoon at Chaa creek will give us the education and adventure that we both crave. As a culinary student one of the other exciting aspects is the food. I enjoy tasting different culture’s cooking for example the different spices, breads and savory dishes. My fiancé and I have been in college for the past 5 years and we need to relax. We both work full time jobs and attend classes anytime we have a few spare hours. I would like to visit coral reefs, hike though the rainforest trails and meet some native children. We both are hospitality major students and we would love to start our career by bringing our experience from Belizeto our friends, peers and colleagues.

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