Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes – Essay#1

Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes

I’ve been told about other countries before. I’ve listened to family and friends and acquaintances talk about their vacations and trips to foreign lands where I’ve never been, and may never be. Sometimes, I feel I have to drown out the dull chatter about Louisiana, and sometimes they just don’t know enough about the country they visited, forcing me to mentally correct facts that they misread or misheard. Sometimes, though, I’ll hear about a country that I’ve never been. Maybe one I haven’t even heard of. They’ll tell me about lush scenery, beautiful landscapes, and exciting activities. They may start the conversation with, “Have you ever been snorkeling before?”

I have not, I must sadly admit. In fact, I’ve never been anywhere near the Atlantic Ocean. I have never seen a barrier reef, much less swam in one. I love the water, I love sea life, and I can’t help but ask for more. They tell me about somewhere they want to go. It isn’t they, but she. The woman I love is telling me about Belize, and she can’t keep the excitement out of her voice. The tourist attractions, yes, they sound exotic and fun; I feel like a child walking into a crowded amusement park for the first time my mind is spinning with this picture I have in my head. Soon enough we have websites and web pages open, looking at pictures of Belize City, the beautiful Central American architecture captivates her, wide-eyed. A thought crosses my mind, but it feels so idealistic, so serene. If only I could take her there. If only she could see the reef, the architecture, the Mayan pyramid with her eyes. Up close, in person. Affecting all five senses as we stand hand-in-hand on the beach, feeling the sand, watching the tropical waters wash against the shore, hearing the tranquility of happiness, and especially taking a long, deep breath and feeling my nose burn with ocean mist, so strong you can taste the deep blue.

Yet somehow, it isn’t as far away as it once seemed. We could find a way to experience Belize, or to at least try. We both know that a wedding is expensive. Despite that we’re making an honest effort at keeping the budget reasonable. It doesn’t change the fact that some part of our union is going to have to be left unattended, at least in comparison. We looked at options, we browsed hotels, and we thought we might just stay in the city. It’d be a lot cheaper than airfare. And now we don’t have to. This feels like it isn’t just a chance, but a reality. We don’t have to stay in the city we were born in, raised in, and have lived in all our lives. We want to dive into a new possibility, and give ourselves not just another way to remember our marriage, but dozens of memories of how we kicked it off. We want to get our feet wet, and we don’t want to ever forget it.

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