Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#49)

Well for starters, belize is a beautiful country within itself. But Chaa creek is beyond the most beautiful and breathtaking resort I have ever laid eyes on and I havent even seen it in person yet. But by the pictures and the intro to the website, its so overwhelming outstanding and I definetly love the belize spa and the treetop top suites. The suites have a very unique ambiance and tranquility to it, I love the orchard villa and the spiral staircase thats featured inside, it looks very natural. Just for the record, I’m also interested in coming to belize, because my brother has married his longtme girlfriend of 10yrs back in 2007 and she is from belize, so this is actually special to me, to see where my newly sister in law is from. She has always told me one day she will take me back to her hometown to show me where she is from, so this would be actually an outstanding gift to win this trip to go to belize.
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