Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#53)

Last night I had a beautiful dream about being in Belize. It was one of
these dreams that feels like it is real even after you wake up. I left this
cold tundra called Minnesota for one night and was surrounded by nature at
its most beautiful, in the middle of the Belizean jungle. I was horseback
riding with my husband and our 6 year old son. I was on a white horse and my
husband and son were on a brown horse. We were riding thru a beautiful
jungle trail. It was so green and lush. I remember the sounds of the jungle,
the birds, the howler monkeys, the sound of a nearby waterfall. And the
smells, how could I forget the smells after a light rain shower? The filled
my senses with energy and excitement. I felt so alive. The horses took us to
a cool river pool right under a waterfall. We all got in to the inviting
river for a swim. After we cooled off in the refreshing waters, we found 3
hammocks tied to some palm trees that lined the river. We laid there and
soaked up the sun and talked and laughed. We watched the birds and iguanas
climbing in the trees above us and we even a pair of blue morpho butterflies
that seemed to be dancing along the breeze, enjoying their day as we were.
After some relaxation, we climbed back on our horses and continue our
adventure, we soon came across an vacant Mayan ruin. We were the only ones
there. We explored the sights and wondered and imagined how such a
civilization lived. How different their lives were compared to ours and how
lucky they were to have lived in such a beautiful place. There was also a
cave near by and we walked in the entrance to take a peek. There was a river
that ran thru the cave as well and we noticed a canoe on the side of the
river. So we all jumped in and in the canoe was a flashlight. We paddled
down the river, it got dark quickly. The ceiling of the cave must have been
200 feet high. It was amazing. Again, we talked about how the Mayan’s had
lived and also used the caves. We could only got about 1/2 mile in to the
cave and we had to turn back, but it was unforgettable. After we left the
cave we got on our horses once again and went back the way we came. The
horses took us to Chaa Creek. When we arrived the staff had prepared us a
delicious meal made. We stayed in one of their beautiful suites and listened
to the sounds of the crickets and frogs as we fell asleep. It was then that
I woke up, back in Minnesota… I hope someday that I can take my family on
such an adventure. It is truly a dream that I hope to make in to a memory. I
look forward to the day my dream will come true, when I can wake up at Chaa
Creek in the middle of the Belizean jungle. Hope to see you guys soon.
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