Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#55)

When I was searching for classes this semester, I stumbled upon a class entitled “Making a Difference, Service and Travel Writing.” Intrigued, I read the description. The entire class is centered on the history of Belize and the techniques of documenting experiences effectively. During Spring Break, my class of twelve will be traveling to San Ignacio, Belize on a missions trip. This trip, however, will not be luxurious. We’ve been informed that we’re only allowed to bring one carry-on bag for two weeks, and we’ll only be allowed to take a handful of showers because their resources aren’t plentiful. None of these things matter to me, because I intend to help the children of Belize, no matter the status of my hygiene.

I’ve already learned a significant amount about Belize, including the beautiful resorts and vacation spots, much of which the Lodge at Chaa Creek embodies. To be able to experience both aspects of Belize would be more than I could ask for, being that I’ve already fallen in love with the country, and I haven’t even been there yet. My friends who have been there, both on missions trips and studying abroad, have told me that the country is just absolutely UNBELIZEABLE.

The main reason this trip would be a blessing though, is to give back to my parents. In this recession, with my college tuition, and the expensive dream of becoming a traveling photojournalist, my parents are significantly struggling. I’ve been taking every penny they have, forcing them to sell most of the furniture in our house. I’ve recently heard from my sister that we no longer have a kitchen table! If I could take them away, and let them actually relax for once, I’d be forever grateful.

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