Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#56)

Although I have never been to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, it appears to be an amazing place of mystery, ancient delights, and discovery. It appears to be the best place to stimulate a family’s intellect as they explore the unlimited resources that the culture of Belize has to offer. The rates are extraordinarily reasonable for the unreachable accommodations. The details of the room and grounds will charm and dazzle you, keeping you in awe. The mouth watering cuisine offered by trained chefs is available from morning til night, to fit your needs. The tours are educational, showing you amazing sites and exquisite beauties that you can’t see anywhere else. The spa is a place of relaxing ambiance that you will need after your adventures of the day, and that will provide you with a sense of well being that will remind you that although it is an adventure, it is truly a one of a kind vacation. It will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the next day’s adventure. You will be intrigued by the history of The Lodge and the archaeology of the country. The historical perspective of the Maya Civilization, the Colonial Period, and the European Presence, all the way to today will teach you the critical scenes of the past, that created the path they took to the independence they have today. The amazing references provided by the top trusted entities, such as National Geographic Adventure Magazine, and Conde Nast, reinforces that The Lodge at Chaa Creek provides a vacation that will fulfill a person with memories that will last a lifetime! The Lodge at Chaa Creek is accurately said to be the best Belize vacation destination available, to provide a vacation that will be a source of memories that will last a lifetime!

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