Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#57)

I believe that Belize is an ideal vacation destination.  The country is not plagued by crime and corruption like Mexico. Speaking english to the locals greatly enhances my ability to relax. In addition, I prefer to take an ecovacation whenever possible. Ideally, the only expansion of my carbon footprint is from the jet fuel burned to get me to the destination.  Lastly, I feel that if I am going to go on a vacation, it should be all inclusive.  That way I can relax and let the experience sweep away my worries.
Chaa Creek is my #1 choice, since it appears to be a little slice of heaven.  If I win this essay contest, in May, you will see me canoeing with my girlfriend, bird watching, visiting a cave, visiting ruins and relaxing at the spa.  I also heard that there are bones in the caves from virgins who volunteered to be sacrificed to the gods. When was the last time you got to see something that wild? After visiting most of the surrounding area, I may leave the jungle to explore the beaches, go snorkeling and swim with the dolphins.

Eating food is a pleasurable experience. I’m thrilled with the idea of having meals prepared for me (on site).  I have read good things about the quality of the food.  I also read that those who prepare the food at Chaa Creek are highly skilled.  I’m excited to tease my pallet.  I hope there is a lot of fresh fruit and coffee.

Exploring and learning new things is a reason to live.  Every time I travel, I come home with great stories and new experiences.  I expect the Belize vacation will easily exceed my expectations and I will come home to feel like I lived like an Aztec king for a week, in the Central American jungle.

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