Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#59)

In my search for a unique and adventurous trip, Belize turned out to be the perfect destination. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, an “award-winning Belize resort” offers the amenities I would need to explore the rich culture and history of the country. The land has so much to offer, especially for a family so eager to get out and learn new things. The experience is both romantic, for my boyfriend and I and mother and father, and family friendly, for group activities. We are under no circumstances, limited to seasonal activities. Zip lining through the enchanting jungle, exotic bird watching, horseback riding, scuba diving along the coral reef, relaxing on the divine beaches, exploring the ancient ruins, and hiking are just a few of the endless activities both Belize and the Chaa Creek have to offer.
The Chaa Creek is known for being eco-friendly. I would consider my entire family to be passionate for the environment. We all hold the upmost appreciation for nature and the wilderness. Chaa Creek offers a way for me to connect with the land, while still respecting Mother Nature.
It would be a privilege to receive a one in a million opportunity to exist among a culture astronomically different from my own. My parents have provided me with such wonderful experiences. I would love to be able to provide a remarkable trip in return for everything they have done for me. From the medley of fresh ethnic foods, to the beautiful people of Belize, I find myself more and more energized when thinking about the trip. This is an educational experience that will live with my family and I, beyond the few days we reside in Belize. We are all at a crossroad in our lives where we are seeking excitement and thrill; Belize is the ideal location.
Thanks for your consideration.

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