Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#64)

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes

Who wouldn’t want to visit the Lodge at Chaa Creek! Our adventurous daughter has made it to Belize on a frugal backpacking trip and encouraged us to submit an essay. She is about to finish a residency in emergency medicine in Phoenix while our son is finishing his MBA in D.C. They haven’t seen each other in almost three years so it would be amazing to have a family reunion of four in Belize. The Lodge sounds like a great combination of rustic charm and pampered luxury with plenty of history and exercise.

We live near the mountains of Virginia which provide some hiking, canoeing, bird watching and other outdoor activities. It would be fun to be in a rainforest and compare the two environments. Our county of Albemarle is filled with early American history, having been the home to both Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Nearby lived James Madison. We enjoy sharing this history with our visitors. Learning about another culture in Belize would be fascinating. I personally would like to hear about the Mayans and their discovery of chocolate!

All of us enjoy nature and love to hike. We are vegetable and flower gardeners. At one point we owned some parrots. The plants on the nature trail would surely interest us all. Birdwatching in Belize would give us an opportunity to see the original habitat of the parrots we had along with many other species. Canoeing along the Macal River would be such a pleasure as well as a learning experience.

And at the end of the fun, yet tiring, day how wonderful to relax at the bar or by the pool with a refreshing drink. Some of us may head to the spa first. Top it off with a fine meal together then recharge in one of the comfortable cottage rooms.

My husband, son, and I have never been to Central America. Our daughter says it is a must to see. A reunion in Belize at the Lodge at Chaa Creek would have something for all of us.

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