Belize Vacation Sweepstakes (Essay#67)

Belize Vacation Sweepstakes

This contest to win a trip to Belize is just what the doctor ordered. Sadly, last June my mother passed away, just months after our oldest brother passed. My father passed 15 years ago. So, that leaves me (Robert) and my sister (Constance) the only two left. We are now so conscious of how fast people can go, that we stay in touch often through skyping and phone calls. I landed a job here in Utah two years ago and my sister lives in California. When sis told me of this giveaway, I was instantly interested. Belize has something for both of us and our fiancees. We have visited rainforests in the past, but this package win is unbelievable. I prefer mountain bike riding, my fiancee (Susan) loves horses and canoeing, Constance and her fiance are avid snorkelers. They literally stay in the water for hours…looking for turtles and other wild life. They too, enjoy canoeing. My sister and I have always had a yearning to be at the Mayan ruins. I was lucky to go to YUCATAN on one vacation. This trip is great in that I can vacation with my sister, but more remarkable because we are both about to get married. I can’t imagine a better place than Belize to exchange our vows. I’ve read up on the region and am fascinated at what Belize has to offer for activities and for lodging. I’ve heard of tree top suites,the Chaa Creek’s Lodging Facility and palm thatched cottages. We all love to hike and visit natural arts museums, so the Adventure center looks just like that…an adventure. In summary, I can only thank you for the opportunity for my sister and I to bond more tightly, and welcome spouses into our family. Activities, adventures, lodging and veranda bars, canoeing and snorkeling. Somebody pinch me ! Is this too good to be true?

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