Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#10

Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes

My husband and I have been married for almost a year now. The day of my wedding was the best day of my life. I love my husband so much and I know that he is the one. The only thing I would change about my wedding is the fact that we did not have the money to go on a honeymoon. I know we are newlyweds, basking in our love, yet we have not had the proper amount of time to commit to one another. You see we are both in our third year of college as biology majors and apart from school, we have almost no stress free time. Every day there is a two page paper due, or a major test to study for. I feel that the first couple years of a marriage are an important bonding time for a couple, and if we had the money to take a vacation we would. I know that one day I will be able to afford vacations, but those days are not near and now is an important time. I would love to surprise my husband with a vacation to Belize, it would be so romantic and perfect. I know we would have an amazing unforgettable time.  The most amazing part for me would be exploring the different cultures and the Mayan ruins. I know that my husband will love the closeness to nature. I really think Belize is so amazing and I would be honored if we were to get to honeymoon there. This is the kind of vacation we dream and talk about all the time, actually getting to go would mean the world to us. I can picture us there now, going horseback riding, visiting the beach, bird watching, I know that experiencing these things will only bring us closer to one another and would be the trip of a life time.

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  1. Boom! I’ve found a couple of cool giveaways online today. Though this is a bit more exotic than the pool heater contest, still exciting stuff! I’ve never been to Belize…but I think I need to start writing ASAP. 🙂

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