Belize Honeymoon Vacations – Essay#4

Belize Honeymoon Vacations

I recent found this sweepstakes after seeing it on Facebook ,which I subscribe too and I follow you as a member. I want to entry this sweepstakes on behalf of my wife of 35 years and thrill her with the vacation of a life time. I discovered your resort while looking for a ECO vacation for my grandchildren and discovered how wonderful  your resort is. We are in the early stages of planning our summer vacation now and are excited over all the options  we have available too us. We are also impressed at the awards and quality your resort offers and believe it  would  be a vacation of a life time and a gift that they will always remember. Saying that, It would also be exciting for my wife and myself to relax and enjoy our common interest in nature at such a beautiful area. This would be a great time for us to reflect on each other but relax in the pristine and pampered resort you offer. I look forward to exporing your Wedding Vacation Packages as we did for our family vacation, and with a little luck we are drawn as the winners.

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