Belize Honeymoon Vacations – Essay#5

Belize Honeymoon Vacations

I would love to celebrate my honey moon in Belize and at the Lodge at Chaa Creek because the combination of culture, adventure and luxury that such a beautiful place would provide. Given that my spouse and I are fluent in multiple languages, it would appropriately reflect the culturally diverse and linguistic heritage present in Belize. We enjoy Mayan culture and history and have an admiration for how advanced that ancient civilization was. To explore an ancient Mayan City would be such a thrill for us. We appreciate the sustainability efforts of the Lodge at Chaa Creek to maintain the inherent beauty of the area and preserve it for generations to come. The Lodge’s ability to combine the excitement of the mayan jungle with the comforts of an all inclusive spa is very impressive. Belize has much to offer and my future spouse and I would love to experience it all.

The adventure we would be able to have in the jungle of Belize would be so much fun. We have enjoyed outdoor activities such as snorkeling in reefs and kite surfing prior. It is rare for us to turn down an exciting time. From trips to the Riveria Maya we are well versed in jungle adventure and mosquito protection. The chance to explore some caves would be a great way to escape the heat above the ground. My spouse and I are both animal lovers and would love to experience the wildlife that abounds in Belize. In short we never turn down adventure, and are excited to take in the exciting times that Belize and the Lodge at Chaa Creek have to offer with their natural resources and abundant wildlife.

The luxury that the Lodge at Chaa Creek offers would be great because it provides a way to relax from the adventurous experiences available in Belize. My spouse considers herself a ‘foodie’ and we both enjoy Latin cuisine. The design the rooms and surrounding architecture that blends well with the environment coupled with the attention to detail and first class service would be the icing on the cake for our honeymoon.

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