A Proper Tropical Honeymoon

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My wife and I were married in July of 2007 (07/07/07 to be exact). We have two children: A boy, 4, and a girl 2. Shortly after the birth of our son (and shortly before we married) we moved in with my wife’s parents in order to save for a home of our own. We are currently four generations living in the same home together. It is probably needless to say that with our living situation, and our busy careers and lives as parents, we do not get a lot of quiet, simple, quality alone-time together.

We live in New York City and as you can imagine, the vast majority of our daily lives revolve around this concrete jungle and the mass buzzing hive of humanity that is New York. Our days are filled with deadlines and packed schedules, crowded subways, dirty streets swelling with pedestrians and choked with exhaust from never-ending waves of traffic. We live to break away from the noise and dirt (and at this time of the year, the bone-chilling cold and snow), if only for a few days. However, most of the options we have here, which are mainly the beaches of Long Island, it seems as if the whole of New York City follows us out to these destinations when we get the chance to go. Even the further options, Mexico and the Caribbean, are plagued with over development and crowds of tourists, which serve to separate us from what we want the most in a honeymoon or a vacation chance to spend a few days in closer harmony with nature and each other.

We both dream of a proper tropical honeymoon far from the overdeveloped beaches and crowds of the mega-resorts of Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. We both dream of quality time together off the beaten path and closer to nature and the rich Mayan history of Belize. And most of all, I dream of being able to give my wife a proper honeymoon and a few days to soothe her frazzled nerves.

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