Honeymoon Sweepstakes Essay#16

Honeymoon Sweepstakes

My fiancé and I met our senior year in college and kept in touch over the next four years until we happened to become roommates.  We quickly became a couple after spending many days canoeing, exploring and fishing the local waterways.  Recently, we have begun planning our wedding and the really exciting part- the honeymoon.

We have never been on a real vacation together due to work and school schedules.  Every time we leave town it seems to be for a wedding.  The Lodge at Chaa Creek would be our perfect honeymoon destination because it would give us a wonderful foundation in creating lifelong memories with one another.  Once there, we would not have to travel far to find activities that we both enjoy. We both love the ocean and picture our honeymoon in a tropical paradise but a paradise with history.  My fiancé is a history teacher and my undergraduate degree is in archaeology.  We do not want to sit on the beach, with drink in hand, the entire visit. We want to absorb the unique, cultural riches of Belize by visiting the Mayan Temple sites, exploring the country by horseback (I grew up riding), and snorkeling with the native aquaculture.  Of course some time must be spent in the spa, everybody needs to be spoiled at some point.

After much thought we decided we wanted to go somewhere that represents and envelopes the local culture.  Somewhere off the beaten path.  The Lodge at Chaa Creek embodies the rich culture of Belize and offers guests a unique, special escape. This honeymoon will give us a relaxing, memorable retreat from the demands of our life, especially after months of wedding planning. It would be a true privilege for us to vacation at the Lodge at Chaa Creek and launch our life together in such an ideal, authentic and splendid locale.

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