Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes

Belize Honeymoon Vacation
Dear Chaa Creek,
Tara and I have already submitted an essay detailing why we would absolutely love to spend our honeymoon with you, but after learning more about Chaa Creek we feel that we must submit a supplement to tell you why we’re even more excited about this possibility.
We were initially drawn to Chaa Creek because of our passions: medicine and rainforest conservation, art, and a desire to combine our honeymoon with First Aid WorldWide, our international aid charity.  Chaa Creek is still the perfect place to satisfy all of these desires while enjoying each other and connecting in our new marriage bond.  But as we perused more information about Chaa Creek, we came to realize that it is an even more perfect place for us!
Tara’s sister is a butterfly ecologist and has shared her love of butterflies with us.  We have since become fascinated with their beauty and behavior, and are firm believers in efforts to protect them. As we read about Chaa Creek’s Butterfly Farm, we could almost hear the fluttering of myriad brightly colored wings around us.  Few resorts in the world offer this for us, and we would love to enjoy it together. We have also recently become very interested in bird watching, and are thrilled about the possibility of observing the exotic birds of Belize on our honeymoon!
As an active couple, we love spending time doing outdoor activities. Chaa Creek offers so many to choose from!  We have always believed that hiking is perfect metaphor for marriage, because in order to be successful both partners have to help and guide each other through the trail.  There are easy times, and there are tough times, and the journey itself is the true reward. These team activities strengthen our bond and commitment to each other, and we would love to inaugurate our married life in this way.
Finally, we we’re moved by Chaa Creek’s history.  It is so wonderful to us to see such a good and flourishing enterprise founded by a young couple in love.  It is our goal to one day work together and we would love to start our marriage in a place that affirms that it can be done and done well.
Thank you so much again for offering us the opportunity to spend time at Chaa Creek.  There is no better way for us to spend our honeymoon!  We hope to be seeing you soon!
Alex and Tara
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