Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#19

Belize Honeymoon Vacation Sweepstakes
Hello Chaa Creek people!
So first let me tell you a little about us and how we got married. My
fiance Sana and I are both 26 years old and we have been together over
8 years now, we are college sweet-hearts. Sana is a Dancer, Designer,
and Yoga Instructor and I am a web designer. We got engaged on
September 10th of last year in Goa, India. It was our 8 year
anniversary so I rented a suite at an amazing “400year-old” Portuguese
castle which overlooked the Indian sea. We had the place to ourselves
and we felt like king and queen of the castle. As the sun was setting
I called her out into the patio to look at the sunset and monkeys were
playing in the distance. She had no idea that once she got out there I
was going to get on my knee. She was really caught off guard and it
was a really magical moment that we had.
Now that you know about us, let me tell you why we want win the
honeymoon in Belize and at The Lodge at Chaa Creek. First and foremost
we wanted to have our wedding in Belize but because a couple of my
siblings have recently had new babies they can’t afford to do any big
traveling at the moment. We decided that having all of our family at
our wedding was more important so we are now having it in America. We
are a little upset that we can’t have the tropical wedding that we
want but a free tropical honeymoon will most certainly turn our frowns
upside down :) Some other big reasons why we really want to win is
that your place is an eco-lodge. We consider ourselves very earth
conscious people and we are only considering staying at an eco-lodge
for our honeymoon. One of the big reasons why we were also looking to
is having our wedding in Belize is because I am fascinated by the
Mayan history. I would love see the temples and learn more about the
history. We are also a low on cash as of recently due to the economy
and we have to pay for our wedding completely by ourselves with no
help from our parents. I can’t express how much weight would be lifted
off my shoulders if we won this event.
I know this winner is picked at random so we have have our fingers
crossed double hoping that we win. I HOPE WERE THE LUCKY ONES!
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