Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#5

Belize Eco Tourism Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#5

I love to travel. I’ve been to 11 countries in my 28 years. In 2005 I spent
4 months backpacking in Central and South America, and just last year I
ended 2009 with 3 months backpacking in SE Asia. I believe that world travel
opens our minds, our hearts, and our souls. This year I am marrying the love
of my life, a man who has not had much opportunity to travel but has every
desire to. We want to begin our married life traveling abroad, experiencing
new cultures, new people, making new friends and wonderful memories. We want
to enjoy a lifetime of love and travel together. We also want our
celebration to be as earth friendly as possible. Belize, and The Lodge at
Chaa Creek, would be the perfect place for us to embark on that journey.

I am firm believer and practitioner of responsible travel. I believe that
every visit to another country should give back to that country in some way,
be it through community work, supporting the local economy, or simply
touring the land without making much impact on the local flora and fauna. We
live this in our daily lives by recycling, composting, growing our own food,
buying green as much as possible, and shopping locally. Our wedding will be
in just one location to cut down on travel, and all of our vendors are also
local for the same reason. We’re renting rather than using disposable plates
and tableware. We’re using eco friendly decorations that will be re-used and
re-purposed. We’re buying from thrift stores for items we need, and we’re
asking our caterer to use local produce. After all the thought towards a
responsible party, it only makes sense that we celebrate our union with a
honeymoon that is as eco-conscious as we are.

Although I have not been to Belize, I know Central American culture to be
rich and diverse, warm and welcoming. In searching for a location for our
honeymoon, I am looking for a place where we could truly experience a
country and build bonds for years to come. I am looking for a place that
will warm our hearts and will leave us with the feeling of having
encountered true magic on earth. I believe Belize may be that place. I can
not imagine a better location for celebrating our marriage and beginning our
lives together. Thank you for the potential opportunity to do so.

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