Belize’s Indigo hamlet fish!!!

By Future Perfect Travel

Indigo Hamlet Fish

Hamlets are known to be members of the sea bass family, but Some fish experts believe all hamlets to be one species.  There are many varieties of colorful hamlets,  Indigo hamlets are small fishes, generally 3-5 inches in length. They are a medium wide fish with beautiful broad blue and indigo bars separated by narrow white bars.  Their forward fins are blue and their rear fins are clear in color, and are considered shy.

Indigo hamlets live on reefs near the bottom in depths of 40-140 feet. They are territorial and live at one site unless forced to move by nature, Hamlets search their territory for food, eating crabs, shrimp and occasionally fishes.
Each hamlet has both male and female productive organs.  They generally spawn at sunset, finding mates that live near their  territory.  These fishes have an elaborate mating ritual and an individual hamlet may assume either the female role or male role for the mating dance.  This dance is characterized by snout position, flaring fins and head movements.  The female plays the aggressor role.

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