Vacation Sweepstakes Essay#2

Belize Eco Tourism Vacation Sweepstakes

My family and I would love to go on a Green Vacation at Chaa Creek, not just to relax our minds and bodies, but to open our eyes to a more earthly way of living.  It is important that what we learn at Chaa Creek doesn’t end there: we can then bring what we have learned back home and apply it to our everyday lives.  Maybe we start a garden.  Maybe we walk, instead of taking the bus.  Maybe we simply come back to our home and it will be apparent what needs to be done.

Each day goes by and though we think we’re doing our part to be green, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking public transportation, and buying local produce, there is more to be done.  What’s more, when we travel it is more likely to over-use carelessly on our indulgences.  At Chaa Creek, there is a balance between man and Earth that is wholesome and inspiring.  There is a lot to be learned at Chaa Creek and that is why I would like my family to experience a Green Vacation there.  We have vowed to go back to Chaa Creek once we have a family, and now that we have one, I think it is time for our child to see how beautiful the Earth is and how to keep it that way.  It is so important to teach our children from a young age that Earth is so vulnerable and easily polluted.  But with just a little effort from each individual, we can preserve her for many generations to come.  Chaa Creek is an excellent way to take the time to zoom out and look at the big picture.  Since a vacation is simply not in the budget, I am writing to say we would be so gracious to be able to experience this educational and eye-opening trip.

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